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About Us

We Are About

Think Abroad has been established with the aim of providing the best services of Abroad Education consultancy Services.We started our dream since March 2015 in Ahmedabad city, Gujarat, India. Now Think Abroad is the best quality Education Consultancy which promises best consultancy services in the growing era of modernization and globalization.We offer the most Comprehensive, Competitive, easy to implement, cost effective and result oriented services to Indian students. We not only work for money but also happy to provide unique services to fresh students. We believe in uploading highest standard of business ethics with complete commitment to total quality. We take great pride in the confidence and respect that we have earned from our clients and strive to improve everyday. We successfully sent over 700+ students to Canada, Australia, USA, UK. Dedicated Counselling, Special Attention! Leads to Early Success

Why Choose Think Abroad?

Think Abroad is one of the leading institute for Coaching like IELTS. Think Abroad is also well know student visa consultant in Ahmedabad having 5+ years of Experience.


Studying abroad isn't the toughest decision for most students who wish to continue their education. Finding and selecting the right recruiter to meet their needs is actually where the challenges begin. We are dedicated to connecting students with the right course, institution, and country based on their interests, and thus Think Abroad has emerged as a global leader in International Education services.

Think Abroad is committed to providing students with a personalized dashboard where they can store all the details regarding the university, from eligibility assessment to obtaining their visa through our mission to empower students to better understand what they are up to and how best to help them. We provide a dashboard that provides a summary of the entire admission process along with a detailed profile of each student so that students can track all of this process from anywhere with instant alerts and remote access.

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In order to fulfill our vision, we strive to build a community of students who are passionate about foreign education and that drive us to provide the best service to every student.

As India's best online student recruitment consultants, Think Abroad continuously strives to meet our customers' expectations. The aim of our company is to revolutionize the traditional student recruitment process and build a generation that will learn, grow, have fun, and live to satisfy our lifelong dream to make every student eligible to study abroad.

Core Values

As a part of Think abroad's commitment to making students self-sufficient, we will register students on our portal with their personalized dashboards where they can access all the information so that the student and company are both in full transparency. It also demonstrates strength and commendable character by remaining committed to always acting in accordance with what is morally right in spite of pressure to do otherwise.

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