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The MPNP - Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program chooses candidates for immigration to Manitoba depending on the specific economic needs of the province. Manitoba has a special agreement with the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows them to select immigrants with skills and experience that are targeted by the province for permanent resident status in the province.

The program aims to be responsive to the labour market needs of the province and its wider economic priorities. The requirements of the labour market are communicated through a regularly updated occupation in-demands list. Province of Manitoba also invites exploratory visits from francophone skilled immigrants that are aimed to help integrate into the province more quickly on a permanent basis.

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The four broad immigration pathways under MPNP

Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway

Skilled Worker Overseas Immigration Pathway has a dedicated express Entry stream and a straight Provincial stream as well. The Skilled Workers Stream is locally driven and based on the needs of Manitoba employers. It targets overseas skilled workers who are skilled and trained in highly demanded occupations in Manitoba. Applicants and spouses having close family connections are prioritized. The other priority factors include proficiency in language, training, and work experience for quickly finding jobs.

    The Skilled Workers Overseas pathway nominates applicants who demonstrate an established connection to Manitoba through:

  • Through previous education or work experience in the province
  • Through an Invitation to Apply received directly from the MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative
  • The support of family members or friends
Skilled Worker in Manitoba Pathway

The Skilled Workers in Manitoba pathway empowers you to take charge of your proven success finding employment in Manitoba. This stream is based to meet the demands of the specific needs of provincial employers. Priority is given to the immigrants with a strong connection to Manitoba. It is further divided into 2 sub-categories:

  • Manitoba Work Experience Pathway
  • This category is for applicants who are working currently in Manitoba on a Provisional Work Visa. It includes provisional workers and overseas graduates from Post-secondary institutions in Canada. Candidate must be living and/or working in the province at the time of application and must have a long-term, full-time job offer that must meet the province’s employment and wage standards. The position offered to candidate must not be home-based, part-time, temporary, seasonal or commission-based.

  • Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
  • This stream is for overseas applicants who have job offers from authorized employers in Manitoba. Candidate should have minimum of 2 years of work experience in the past 5 years that must be relevant to the job offered. They need to show intent to live in the province. Age of candidate must be between 21-45 years. With long-term and a full-time job offer that meet the province’s employment and wage standards for the occupation.

International Education Pathway

This pathway is for overseas graduates from Universities and Colleges in Manitoba. Candidates applying for a nomination from MPNP are not required to work for 6 months in their field now. It is divided into 3 sub-categories:

  • Student Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Manitoba PNP’s Student Entrepreneur Pathway is for international graduates from the province who wants to start a business in Manitoba. The applicants are required to fulfil the Business Performance Agreement conditions before receiving a nomination for Canada PR Visa. Candidate must complete a full-time post-secondary program in Manitoba with a minimum duration of five years with age between 21 to 35 years of age.

  • Career Employment Pathway
  • This pathway is for international graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM subjects, who want to live in the province as a permanent resident. Overseas graduate applicants who have a job offer in one of the In-Demand Occupations in Manitoba are not required to work for 6 months before the application. Candidate must have graduated in past 3 years from a designated post-secondary Manitoba educational institution. They need to show an intention to continue to live in the province that includes the submission of a Career employment plan.

  • Graduate Internship Pathway
  • The Pathway Graduate Internship is aimed at Doctorate and Post-graduate Degree holders. Their nomination is expedited through internships that contribute to innovation in industries in Manitoba. Graduates with completed Elevate or Mitacs Accelerate internships can submit applications upon graduation. Having a job offer is not obligatory. Candidate must be residing in the province at the time of application, must show an intention to continue living in the province and a submission of Career Employment Plan that shows opportunities for a successful career track in the province.

    Business Investor Pathway

      The Business Investor Pathway is for qualified overseas entrepreneurs and business investors. In this stream, candidates are first issued a temporary work permit and must have the ability to start or purchase a business in the province within 2 years of arrival. It is divided into 2 sub-categories:

    • Entrepreneur Pathway
    • This pathway is for candidates who wish to start a business in the province and are initially offered a Provisional Work Visa. Candidates who start a business outside of Winnipeg are offered priority. Nomination for Canada PR Visa is offered to them after the establishment of a business that fulfils the Business Performance Agreement conditions.

    • Farm Investor Pathway
    • It allows the province to recruit and nominate eligible foreign business owners to purchase or co-own an existing business in the first two years of arrival in the province on the temporary work permit. They are initially offered a Provisional Work Visa.

What are the documents required for Manitoba PNP?

  • A valid passport
  • A Job-Offer Letter
  • Educational certificates (degree, diploma, and certificates)
  • Work-Related Reference Letters
  • Language proficiency (IELTS)
  • Civil identity proof (age, name, date of birth must be mentioned)
  • Evidence that you can support yourself (and your dependents if applicable)
  • Documents that show you have or be eligible for legal immigration status in Canada
  • Police certificate and clearance